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Ex Norweigian at Las Rosas

If you want to hear more of Ex Norweigian’s music or buy their new album No Sleep check out their website Ex Norweigian Setlist: 6/23/18 at Las Rosas in Miami, FL Ex Norweigian: 1. Life 2. Original Copy 3. Fresh Pit 4. Good Intentions 5. Team No Sleep 6. Something Unreal 7. Not A Ghost […]

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Ex Norwegian at Gramps

If you’re interested in finding about upcoming shows for Ex Norwegian or you want to hear more of their music check out their website Ex Norwegian Also if you want to find out what’s coming up at Gramps be sure to check out their website Gramps Setlist: 12/11/16 at Gramps in Miami, FL Ex Norwegian: […]

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