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JAIALAI at 1306

If you’re interested in finding about upcoming shows for JAIALAI or want to hear more of their music check out their Facebook page JAIALAI -their Spotify JAIALAI -or their Instagram page JAIALAI Setlist: 5/31/19 at 1306 in Miami, FLJAIALAI:1. Hold The Phone 2. In The Catacombs 3. Say So 4. War Machine 5. Sunshine 6. […]

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Timothy Eerie at Las Rosas

If you want to find out more information about the Timothy Eerie check out their Facebook Timothy Eerie or to hear more of their music check out their Bandcamp Timothy Eerie Setlist: 5/24/19 at Las Rosas in Miami, FL Timothy Eerie:1. Bicycle 2. Transformation of Things 3. Yeah Baby Alright 4. 5. Come On Home […]

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Haute Tension at iii Points

If you’re interested in finding out more information about Haute Tension or want to purchase their debut album check out their website Haute Tension or their Bandcamp site Haute Tension Setlist: 2/16/19 at iii Points in Miami, FL Haute Tension: 1. 2. Haute Tension 3. Public Face 4. Bloodshot 5. The Climb 6. What Would […]

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