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Dama Vicke at Churchill’s Pub

If you’re interested in buying or hearing more music from Dama Vicke check out her website Dama Vicke -her Soundcloud Dama Vicke -her Bandcamp Dama Vicke -or her Facebook page Dama Vicke Setlist: 1/19/19 at Churchill’s Pub in Miami, FL Dama Vicke: 1. You’re Not A Ghost 2. Point of Inflection 3. Unity Not Disgrace […]

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Mayday at Blackbird Ordinary

If you want to purchase Mayday’s new album “South of 5th” or find out about their upcoming tour dates check out their website MaydayOnline -their Facebook page Mayday -their Twitter Mayday -or their Instagram Mayday Also if you want to find out about upcoming events at Blackbird Ordinary be sure to check out their website […]

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Victory Boyd at The Fillmore

If you’re interested in finding more information about Victory Boyd or want to hear more of her music check out her website Victory Boyd Setlist: 12/30/18 at The Fillmore in Miami, FL Victory Boyd: 1. Feeling Good (Nina Simone) 2. Cheap Love 3. I Say A Little Prayer (Aretha Franklin) 4. Weatherman 5. Blackbird (Nina […]

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