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Setlist: 1/24/18 at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club:
1. Spook

2. Little Thing Gone Wild

3. King of Bones

4. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

5. Ain’t No Easy Way

6. Berlin

7. Conscience Killer

8. Stop

9. Haunt

10. Question of Faith

11. White Palms pt. 1

12. White Palms pt. 2

13. Echo

14. Carried From The Start

15. Sympathetic Noose (Robert Turner solo acoustic)

16. Shuffle Your Feet

17. All Rise

18. In Like The Rose

19. Six Barrel Shotgun

20. Spread Your Love

21. Red Eyes and Tears

22. Ninth Configuration

23. Whatever Happened To My Rock n’ Roll (Punk Song)