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Setlist: 5/12/17 at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

New Found Glory:
1. Understatement

2. All Downhill From Here

3. Never Give Up

4. Who Am I

5. Something I Call Personality

6. Truth of My Youth pt. 1

7. Truth of My Youth pt. 2

8. Belated

9. At Least I’m Known For Something

10. The Great Houdini

11. Failure’s Not Flattering

12. It’s Been A Summer

13. Your Biggest Mistake

14. I’d Kill To Fall Asleep

15. New Found Glory talking to the crowd

16. Sonny

17. No News Is Good News

18. Head On Collision

19. Doubt Full

20. Happy Being Miserable

21. This Disaster

22. Over The Head, Below The Knees

23. Singled Out

24. I Don’t Wanna Know

25. Forget My Name

26. The Story So Far

27. Ending In Tragedy

28. My Friends Over You